The exclusive features of FRP-Steel Composite and the expertise of SUNCABS give you a cabin to match the class and prestige of your fleet. Closed vehical with locking arrangements for total security. Double walled body with steel reinforcement for unmatched strength. Both sides finished for an enviable elegance. Well appointed interiors for cozy comfort. Large sliding windows with EPDM gaskets. Aerodynamic shape for sleek looks and fuel economy. Cabin manufactured in parts and hence can be transported and assembled easily at your doorstep and fitted. The weight of the cabin is just 280 kgs maximum.
FRP Autobodies for vehicles is our expertise. TATA Magic and TATA Iris school buses developed by us is well appreciated by TATA Motors as well as the end customers. Removing the soft top from these vehicles and cladding FRP body designed by us with windows and glasses is the basic concept.
RTO has specific norms for school bus safety and we follow each and every thing mentioned. Can be sent in kit form to your destination (depends upon order numbers).A well finished school bus with necessary fitted accessories is ready to use right after we work on it.
Wind deflector/Wind cutter/Dome is basically a curved structure used to bridge the gap between the cabin top to the container top of a load carrier. This ensures smooth air flow without any obstruction hence saving fuel.A well designed, aerodynamic, lightweight deflector adds to the aesthetics of the vehicle and ensuring better fuel average too.
We have deflectors for:
 TATA LPT Ashok Leyland heavy duty trucks    TATA Ace    TATA Superace    Bharat Benz sleeper cab    Bhart Benz single cab    TATA 407/709/909/1109
Also we can design as per your requirements if there is a good quantity order.
Cargo containers made from corrugated FRP sheets are the lightest and the toughest containers. A concealed structure with two back doors and a top is totally leak proof. This weighs 1/3rd of the container if made in steel. A well designed structure is sturdy and 100% repairable. Less weight hence fuel average increases also life of the vehicle incleases. Extra payload, fill more, earn more. Rust proof. As FRP material being itself an insulater, the temperature in the container will remain less compared to steel. FRP wind deflector (wind cutter) is provided to the container which gives a aerodynamic shape to the vehicle thus cutting off wind resistance and running smoothly which ultimately increases fuel average. The wind deflector can also be used as a mini storage space.
Can be fitted on:
 TATA Ace (Superace, Zip, HT etc.), TATA Xenon    Mahindra Pickup vehicles    Piaggio Models    Ashok Leyland Pickup vehicles.
Swimming pools are the major attraction lately for private as well as society owners. It takes too much time, patience & money to build a RCC pool. Also these RCC constructed pools need high costly waterproofing which still isnt 100% leakproof. Sun Cabs has collaborated with Silver Pools viz a renowned swimming pool building company since 1990's. The collaborated company manufactures FRP Tiled Pools. These pools are leakproof, aesthetically modern, tiled inside, coping at the edges, pre casted (in pieces) in our factory as per order and assembled on site, simple excavation and PCC is needed, cheaper than RCC pools.
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